About SchoolSnapshot FAQ


  • Why do you teach Latin?
    Latin is a great preparation for modern languages.  There's a frequent correlation between studying Latin and higher scores on standardized tests.  It also increases vocabulary and the ability to find out the meanings of words. 
  • How much Bible is taught?
    In every grade, students study the Bible as part of their curriculum, but a Christian worldview is woven into the instruction for all subjects. In the higher grades, students learn theology and apologetics in addition to studying the Bible itself. We also have chapel once per week for grades 1-12.
  • Do you have waiting lists for classes?
    Our classes are limited in size so we occasionally have waiting lists before opening a second section. Most grades have two sections already with an average student:teacher ratio of 16 or 17:1.
  • Where do your graduates go to college?
    They attend public and private colleges all over the nation. Click here to see where our students have been accepted. Many of our alumni are completing graduate work in medicine, law, teaching and business.
  • When is the application deadline?
    Open enrollment for new students is from late February to April 15. After April 15, the application fee is $350 per student ($750 maximum per family). After July 31, we will consider applications but cannot guarantee placement by the time school begins at the end of August.  Kindergartners may apply at any time up to two years before their start date.
  • How do students do when transferring into the upper grades from another school?
    We have many students transfer successfully into Schaeffer Academy from other schools, including mid-year transfers from other states. Determining whether a student will succeed here is part of the admissions interview.
  • Is classical, Christian schooling only for gifted children?
    We believe that classical, Christian schooling is for all children whose parents want them to learn to love learning. The majority of students in the school follow the normal bell curve of ability seen in any school. We do our best to accommodate both gifted and struggling students with interventions that allow them to succeed.

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