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Rhetoric (9-12)


Schaeffer Academy follows the Trivium, a method of instruction first used in medieval times. Its three stages (Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric) correspond to a child's developmental stages. By the high school years (grades 9-12), our students progress to learning rhetoric, the persuasive use of ideas and argumentation relating to a subject. The rhetoric stage incorporates all that has been learned in the previous years of grammar and logic-based study of the core subjects of math, history, language, literature, science, theology, history, music and art.  Students also have several elective options that can be incorporated into their schedule. 

*Note - In lieu of the math and science electives senior year, students may take PSEO or other transfer courses to fulfill credit requirements. 

Subject Ninth Tenth Eleventh Twelfth
Mathematics Geometry - Geometry (McDougal Littel) Algebra II - Algebra II (McDougal Littell)

PreCalculus - PreCalculus with Limits (Holt McDougal)
- or -
Functions, Stats, Trig -Mathmatics: A Human Endeavor (Jacobs)

Elective: AP Calculus -Calculus of a Single Variable (McDougal Littell)

*See note above.

Language Latin II - Latin Alive II (Moore) Spanish I - Como Se Dice? (Houghton Mifflin) Spanish II - Como Se Dice?(Houghton Mifflin) Spanish III - Como Se Dice? (Houghton Mifflin)
Science Biology - Biology (Glencoe Science) Chemistry - Chemistry, 6th edition (Houghton Mifflin/Zumdahl)

Physics I with Lab - College Physics  (Thompson/Serway/Faughn)
AP Physics I with Lab -College Physics (Thompson/Serway/Faughn)

Elective: AP Physics C -Physics for Scientists and Engineers (Serway/Jewett)

*See note above.
History World History -World History for Christian Schools; How Shall We Then Live? (Francis Schaeffer) U.S. History - The Federalist Papers; American Pageant (Vol. I to 1877); US History for Christian Schools; World magazine

20th Century History (1 semester) - The American Republic Since 1877 (Glencoe); US Constitution; Federalist Papers (Bantam);
World magazine

American Government and Economics (1 semester) -Magrader's American Government; Federalist Papers (Bantam); American government primary documents; US Constitution

Ancient History (1 semester) - The Roots of American Order  (Kirk); various primary texts

Western Philosophy (1 semester) - The Consequences of Ideas (Sproul); The Republic (Plato); Thus Spoke Zarathustra (Nietzsche); 
various primary texts

Literature/English Composition and Literary Forms -
Out of the Silent Planet (Lewis); Macbeth (Shakespeare); The Chosen (Potok); A Tale of Two Cities (Dickens); Animal Farm (Orwell); Pilgrim's Progress (Bunyan)
American Literature -Adventures in American Literature; The Scarlet Letter (Hawthorne); The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (Twain); The Red Badge of Courage (Crane)

British Literature - The Language of Literature-British (McDougal Littell); Beowulf; Hamlet (Shakespeare); Jane Eyre (Bronte); Frankenstein (Shelley)

Ancient Literature (1 semester) -The Norton Anthology of World Masterpieces-The Western Tradition, Vol I; The Odyssey (Homer)

Modern Literature (1 semester) - Heart of Darkness (Conrad); To Kill a Mockingbird (Lee)

Theology Christian Worldview (1 semester) - The Universe Next Door (Sire); works by Augustine, Pascal, CS Lewis, Chesterton, Schaeffer Basic Christian  Doctrine (1 semester) - Concise Theology (Packer); readings from the BibleSA Statement of Faith

Apologetics (1 semester) - Bible; The Reason for God (Keller); Mere Christianity (Lewis); SA Statement of Faith

Senior Theology (1 semester) - Bible; Confessions (Augustine); Aquinas's Shorter Summa (Aquinas); On Christian Liberty (Luther); Imitations of Christ (Kempis)
Logic & Rhetoric

Logic II (1 semester) - Intermediate Logic (Nance)

  Rhetoric and Debate I (1 semester) - Ancient Rhetorics for Contemporary Students (Crowley) Rhetoric and Debate II (1 semester) - Ancient Rhetorics for Contemporary Students (Crowley); Rhetoric (Aristotle); 
The Debater's Guide (Ericson/Murphy/ Zeuschner)
Art   Art History (1 semester) Discovering Art History (Davis Publications)    
Music   Music History/Theory (1 semester)- Music: An Appreciation, 10 edition (McGraw/Hill)    
Health/Physical Education

Health (1 quarter); PE (3 quarters)

Health (1 quarter); PE (3 quarters) Health(1 quarter);   PE (3 quarters) Health (1 quarter);     PE (3 quarters)