Schaeffer offers elective classes two periods a day for students in grades 7-12. The purpose of electives is to allow study in an area of particular interest beyond the core curriculum.

In addition to electives that are offered on-campus, junior and senior students at Schaeffer Academy may opt out of calculus and/or Phsyics II and enroll in alternative courses to meet elective graduation credit requirements.  The purpose of this option is to encourage students to pursue knowledge in areas where we don't offer coursework.  Qualifying students can choose to take courses at Rochester Community & Technological College (RCTC) or other colleges through the Post Secondary Education Option (PSEO). Others do internships during the elective periods.  Students must remain enrolled at Schaeffer for a minimum of 5 credits each year.

These electives will be offered on-campus during the coming year. To find out more, please click on the link below:
Studio Art
Science (AP Physics C)
Study Hall

Junior/Senior Alternative Credits