Internships (seniors only)


Students can design a mentorship/internship for life-experience and learning through a community sponsor for their senior year.  This option must be approved in advance by administration.  Contact the office for more information.

  • With the help of an expert in the field of interest, the student will design a plan of action that will expand his or her understanding and knowledge beyond the traditional classroom setting.  This allows the student to investigate an area of interest, often related to potential career plans.
  • Students must complete 60 hours per semester for the internship and are required to keep a log of these hours.  The internship may be paid or unpaid but must be substantively relevant to learning something new.  Internship hours must be arranged so as not to conflict with the hours for required classes on campus.
  • A project summarizing the experience must be submitted each semester.
  • Proposals must include the name and contact information for the internship supervisor and must indicate the name and contact of the school liaison.  Students may apply for Mayo Clinic mentorships in various departments.