Post-Secondary Education Option (for juniors/seniors only)


Students (typically seniors) at Schaeffer Academy are permitted to opt out of AP Calculus and/or AP Phsyics C and enroll in alternative courses to meet elective graduation credit requirements.  This option is subject to state and college regulations as well as those imposed by Schaeffer and requires administrative approval.  Contact the office for more information.

PSEO allows students to enroll in a college class that provides the equivalent of one high school credit.

  • This option may be used for online or local classes in a wide variety of subject areas.
  • The student must arrange for a class which does not interfere with his/her ability to be on the Schaeffer Academy campus for all required courses, but may obtain permission to attend class during lunch or elective hours.
  • The PSEO option can only be used to fulfill elective credits.