Student Uniforms


Why do we require uniforms?

  • Gives Schaeffer Academy a distinct and visible identity in our community
  • Accords with biblical standards for modesty in dress
  • Eliminates clothes-related peer pressure and expense
  • Makes student dress easier to manage for parents, students and school staff
  • Research confirms that students who wear uniforms perform better in behavior and academics


What does the uniform look like?

  • For Lower School, the uniform includes an attractive school plaid for girls and navy blue twill for boys and girls, worn with light blue, navy blue or white shirts.
  • For Upper School, khakis can be worn in addition to the navy blue twill.
  • This is only a general description.  For specific uniform requirements, check the Parent-Student Handbook on RenWeb or this document. 


What else do I need to know when buying uniforms?

  • All garments must meet our uniform criteria
  • All clothes must be modest
  • Clothes must fit in a non-revealing way
  • Clothes must be neat and clean


Where can I buy uniforms?

  • Official suppliers are Lands' End and Donald's Uniform, and the links below will take you directly to our customized site for these stores
  • You can order certain uniform wear from our School Uniform Store.
  • Most uniform items can be purchased from any retailer as long as they meet the uniform criteria as specified in the Parent-Student Handbook. Uniform jackets and fleeces must be purchased through Lands' End, Donald's or our school store and have a logo to be considered uniform-compliant.

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