Student Conduct


Our Statement of Purpose includes our intention to "provide an orderly atmosphere to attain these goals." In other words, we hold students to a reasonable standard of behavior.  Both parents and students sign the Statement of Purpose each year.

What we expect of parents and students:
We believe that God expects parents to discipline their children so that they may share in God's nature. During the day, we are your representatives in your child’s life and so have the responsibility for discipline. We also expect parents to discipline their children at home and to support the goals of the school.

What’s our goal?
We teach students to be self-disciplined, by helping them understand that they are first responsible to God, then to parents, then to teachers. We expect self disciplined conduct whether students are in the community or the classroom.

How do we discipline?
In grades 1-5, teachers use color coded cards to warn students of consequences. In grades 6-12, students have a demerit system which involves fines after the fifth demerit.

Students who can't govern themselves at school are dealt with over a period of time by involving parents and the Headmaster.  They may be suspended or expelled, but this is very rare.   Generally, students respond extremely well to our expectations for conduct.