First Step Campaign

David Chan
David ChanDirector of Development

Dear Schaeffer Academy Community,

I have some wonderful and exciting news to share with you from the Development Office.  Several very generous donors, who care deeply about Schaeffer Academy and its mission, have boldly stepped forward with challenge gifts totaling $40,000.  These donors are challenging each and every one of us to match their $40,000 and exceed it so that together we can raise $100,000 by December 31.

The majority of Schaeffer Academy’s operating budget is funded by tuition.  However, each year we do seek charitable donations for the Annual Fund to cover a portion of our operating expenses.  This approach enables us to keep our tuition rates competitive with other private and parochial schools in Rochester.  Schaeffer Academy does not receive financial support from a church or denomination like those schools.  So, our approach provides an opportunity for school families and others who value our mission to support the academy directly with tax deductible donations.

We usually plan to fund 3% to 10% of our operating budget through Annual Fund donations. This school-year, we need to raise a little more – just under 12%.  We have set a substantial goal of raising $284,000 for the 2017-2018 Annual Fund, and we invite those who support our mission to help us reach it.  This goal may seem impossible to some.  But I encourage you with this:  We do not have a small God, we have a great God for whom all things are possible.

Meeting and exceeding the $40,000 challenge gift mentioned above by the end of December is the FIRST STEP toward our overall Annual Fund goal for this school year.  With God’s help, I am confident that our community will join together and take this step.  If each school family were able to contribute only $200 per child between now and the end of December, we would raise this first $100,000.  Some may not be able to donate that amount, but some could donate more.  If we all do what we can, together we can meet the challenge.

Without the Annual Fund, the tuition for each currently enrolled student would need to be $1,000 more than the current rate.  So, the Annual Fund is very important!  Please prayerfully consider making a donation to this FIRST STEP campaign between now and December 31.  We need the help of all current families, alumni families, and everyone else who values Schaeffer Academy and its mission.  Donations of any amount will help.

Recently, God has blessed our country with:

  • An unemployment rate at 4.1%
  • An all-time-high stock market
  • Recovering home values

  • Consumer confidence at highest level in 17 years

Wow.  Look what He's done for our country.  Just imagine what He can do for Schaeffer Academy. Let's have faith and think BIG!

Please join me in taking this FIRST STEP between November 16 and December 31.
Thank you and warm regards,

David Chan
Director of Development